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Funded by total national investment in Mongolia NOTS LLC founded in 2005 and first launched its business activity to conduct auto transportation and international trade, however, today we expanded its objective and scope covering the following sectors such as Mobile House Manufactory, PVC plastic window factory, real estate property rent and leasing so as to successfully provide significant contribution to the countries development in the sector leading toward Mongolian prosperity.

Auto Transport division is dealing with all size freights delivery in the city or intra-cities transportation routes via provision our heavy weighted trucks and internationally recognized modern automatic cranes so to provide final departure and landing.


Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable, safe and secure shipment at a great value.



To provide shipping services in compliance with freight forwarding technology standards using related means of transportation and lifting on and off heavy mechanisms.

Shipping can be arranged in timely manner, safely and securely and provided by one point comprehensive shipping service consisting from all means of transportation and guaranteed by reliable lifting on and off mechanisms.

Shipping service can be offered by attractive price in line with the current market value, be cost effective and flexible to meet your specific needs within your budget.


Created integrated transportation management system for smooth and well organized shipment of large and small sized freights

Currently introduces information provision system for costumers to provide real data and figures in timely manner Load, upload and shipment of heavy machines and tracks with intricate techniques and mechanisms cautiously carried out by protective stretching and holding devices.

Intra-cities and inter-cities transportation can be arranged based on permanent service contracts to ensure by fully equipped warm garages, to provide freight storage security and safeguard points on demand

Guided by highly experienced drivers and professional crane men